Media Experiences

Dr Faisal Mamsa also comes on various talk shows as an expert to give his perspective on a particular issue.





Analyze It - Dr Mamsa , is a radio show that Dr Mamsa conducts on Fm 91 on Wednesday nights from 10pm to midnight. The purpose of the show is to talk on psychiatric, psychological and social issues. In the show Dr Mamsa also answers the phone call if someone wants to ask any question or if someone wants to share any experience.








Psychelp is a brain child of Dr Faisal Mamsa. It is an online psychiatric help forum on face book. The objective is to remove stigma against psychiatry, help people gain knowledge about psychiatry, help people resolve their issues relating to psychiatry, guiding them to psychiatrist and psychologist, see them free of cost. We are a team of five American trained psychiatrists and 4 psychologist always ready to guide people online each time some one would ask about anything.