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Gossip – why do we do it?

Gossip – why do we do it?

The person who is laughing out loud, capturing the attention of everyone in the room while gossiping about someone is not as happy as she /he seems.

From the outside that person might appear super strong, very popular, interesting and in full control but if you peaked inside his/her mind at the time that person was gossiping you would have found things that you would have never expected to find.

You would have found low self-esteem, jealousy, envy, inadequate as a human being, frustration, anger and weakness. Let’s check out some of the factors and facts why people gossip:

1.Culturally in our country everyone gossips, and in a malicious way.

2.Previously it was assumed that women would gossip but men gossip as much hence gossip is not confined to a gender

  1. Most of our elders gossiped hence it’s not considered wrong as we have seen them doing it and most of them have not thought us that gossip is wrong. Although it is very wrong.
  2. Why do they have it and I don’t. I couldn’t do anything at that time, now I will tear that person here – a gossiper’s mentality.
  3. I am worthy, believe me!! – a gossiper’s strategy.

6- I am jealous or envious – In a gossiper’s mind

7- This is the way I can create my acceptance.

  1. No, it’s not related to boredom. It’s a habit.

9-I’m right about that person. I am right and person do have flaws that I / we can make fun of.

10-  how dare she proves me wrong!!! Now it’s my turn.

11- how dare is she or he successful in life. Let me show them that their real flaws by telling everyone about their flaws

12 -at times gossip mongers spread stories which are totally untrue but they have a make belief system that they are right and they should tell everyone.

More things to be noted about these individuals are:

Basically, it’s about not considering and accepting that “gossip” is wrong but they think that this is a time to prove that everyone else is wrong.

A lot of people are not happy looking at other person’s success, love, achievement and need a moment to spread venom against them and when a few toxic people get together, shredding another human being becomes the easiest.

Have you come across people in big settings who are doing politics and have groups, that is because they don’t have the potential to go up the ladder by themselves and so they think they should not let anyone else grow too.

Facebook has become a medium to talk about others and specially if the chat is open to everyone. Here all the toxic minded people get together, and support each other’s toxic mindset. At times these people support each other just for the sake of being supportive.

Most importantly, gossiping about others is also because their own lives probably empty and have nothing constructive to talk about (Art, Literature, Self-Growth, History and they do not have any Hobbies) hence they talk about others.

A jealous person will hear only selected part of what the other person said. They would then manipulate, add a lot of false statements and spread the news.

Even educated people have started doing negative gossiping about others just because they need to bad mouth or they want to defame others.

The main thing is we should abstain from what is wrong. Just keep in mind, if one person gossips about others in front of you, she can gossip about u to others as well.

Focus on self-growth, focus on evolving as a better human being and becoming a better person in life should be the aim.


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