Dr. Mamsa is an MD, having acquired his initial training from Sanford School of Medicine & University Of South Dakota, USA.

Dr. Mamsa is reputed for giving ample personal time to his clients and believes that the more the issues are discussed at length, layer after layer, the more likelihood of it being able to uncover the core of the predicament, for effective treatment to commence thereafter.

His multi-modal treatment methodology involves a combination of expertise in psychopharmacology (medical treatment) with psychotherapy; based on his background in brain chemistry research, training in cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis Mentorship by Professor Ubaldo Leli at American Psychoanalytical association. He emphasizes a strong belief in the additive effect of various treatment modalities to work in conjunction rather than just prescription of medication.

However there are certain illnesses like Delusional disorders, bipolar disorders , OCD, schizophrenia and certain personality disorders where medication plays more important role in the treatment followed by psychotherapy.


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